Packing Station

Packing Station

The SteelSentry Packing Station is built with ergonomics in every design. The Packing Station focuses on the work area around each worker so that all packing materials and supplies are positioned within easy reach. The SteelSentry Packing Station can be used as a single unit or integrated with conveyor systems in distribution and fulfillment centers.

Below-deck and above-deck accessories are available for storage of materials, supplies and equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and throughput.

End-to-End Design + Build

At SteelSentry we understand that every organization is different, in size, shape and environment. With that said, all of our products are custom built to your exact specifications at no extra charge. You choose the type of furniture you want, the surface type, as many or as little accessories as you need, and customize it in the size that fits your work space. Our facility handles the entire process in-house from designing, manufacturing and shipping with a focus on quality control during each stage.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our customers are our top priority and we stay with you every step of the way. Even after our products have been delivered, we are always one call away to answer any follow up questions. We are committed to the needs of your organization, your budget and your time. No one in the industry protects your purchasing decision better than SteelSentry.

Additional Workbench Accessories

Integrated Paper Roll Holder and Cutter
Holds industrial paper rolls in various sizes/weights and cuts smoothly and cleanly. Conveniently integrated to your workstation.
Integrated Bin Rail and Supply Bins
Adjustable height bin rail holds heavy-duty, water, rust, and corrosion-proof bins constructed for easy access to your supplies.
Total Lock Caster
Locks swivel and wheel for total immobility, made from heavy gauge cold rolled steel and features hardened double ball raceways for added strength and an extra long service life. Zinc plated finish & corrosion resistant.
LCD Monitor Arm
Three-way articulating LCD monitor arm supports flat panel displays in durable polished aluminum construction with cable management. Articulating arm folds back over the base in a compact retracted position; perfect for tucking under systems furniture storage shelves or cabinets in space constrained areas.
Power Strip
Durable all-metal extruded aluminum housing stands up to demanding network, laboratory or factory environments. Built in circuit breaker, UL listed, multiple outlet power strip offers 15 amp, 120V multi-outlet AC power distribution.
Lower Shelf
Available in any width or depth to hold your tools, electronic equipment, etc.
Adjustable Upper Shelves
Mount overhead and adjust on supporting uprights for any height.